FAQ(Frequently Asked Questions)

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PC Program Windows 7 When PC program does not run 01-03

Windows 7 When PC program does not run

If you get a message that the program is not communicating with the server when running

This is what happens in Windows 7. After installing the program

At the top of the Explorer browser, select> Tools> Internet Options Settings> Advanced> Use Secure TLS 1.1 TLS 1.2.

PC Program Set guest permissions 02-26

Set guest permissions

namucloud myPC server mode login with master account after installing PC program

Can only be created in server mode

Setting permissions when creating a guest

- All : Grant read / write access (all documents, edit, delete, upload)

- Read Only : Only read permission is granted and only PC program is accessible (modification, deletion, no mobile access)

PC Program myPC First User Guide 06-04

myPC First User Guide

1. Membership on the homepage
  If you installed the PC program first, you must press the sign - up button to sign up.
    ( You must authenticate with email after signing up as a member.)

2. Install the PC program on the download page

3. Log in to PC program server mode

4. Press Select Folder in the middle of the PC program and select the folder to use.
  (Users can create their own folders)

5. When folder selection is complete, click the " Run Server " button to run the server
  Namucloud myPC automatically runs the server
   !! Server does not run automatically

  A. upmp settings
      If you are using a redundant connection port, press the " Stop Server " button on your PC program.
      [ Secure port, Non-secure port, Outgoing port, incoming port ] Change to a port that is not in use.
        Ex) Please specify a random number from 8001, 8002, 8003, 8004 1000 to 10000
      Please specify a number and press " Run server " again to run the server.

  B. Port forwarding settings
      You need to set up the port forwarding settings for [home router] if the server is still not running
      The home router settings page is different, so please refer to the port forwarding method that is listed online.

6. When server execution is complete, your own cloud server is complete
  - Try Client mode on another PC or mobile
  - Video, music streaming and document editing are the same as USB
  - All family members can store mobile phone storage capacity and keep important documents files in the company safely.

PC Program If the server is not running, set up port forwarding 05-21

If the server is not running, set up port forwarding

If you can not set UPMP, you need to set the port on the router

You can set the port that I use on the router that is behind the modem of the carrier.  Please refer to the router settings method -

Each router settings page to see the different ways to come up port forwarding on the line you quick and easy

Please check your router model name + port forwarding method.

I still can not? You need help from people around you.

PC Program If the server does not run, set upmp 05-21

If the server does not run, set upmp

This happens when you set multiple servers (PC 1, PC 2 ...) on the same router (port)
If you install multiple servers on one router, please change them to a port that is not used
If you change the port, you can change the security port, unsecure port, sending port, receiving port without running the server after server login
Please change the port and press the save button once and run the server

(Port change random number 1000 ~ 10000 number ex) 1002 1003 1004 1005 After setting, you can save it)

If you can not run the server after changing the settings, you must connect to the router and configure port forwarding  Please refer to the router settings method -

Port Forwarding is the process of registering random numbers (security port, unsecure port, sending port, receiving port) on the router