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Make it now! My Internet File Storage

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How do you use your PC?

✔ This solution enables anyone to easily switch the PC to the cloud storage.

✔ After installing a " myPC " server on your PC, connect to it from anywhere and save the file modification

✔ Easy to transfer large files directly from PC to PC

✔ Invite others to view, upload, and download files together

✔ Run your own cloud storage without worrying about capacity with the addition of hard disks

✔ Cloud file storage that you install first after installing Windows namucloud myPC!!

✔ Now all you have to do is simply set up the program on your PC !

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myPC Cloud Storage Solution

Personal Users to Business Users! Just add in members!

  • A Personal PC Server

  • Now you can make your PC your personal cloud. All you need to do is set up myPC solution on your PC.
  • Cloud Storage Space

  • You can allot cloud server space by adjusting that in your hard drive with no additional fare.
  • Anytime, Anywhere

  • You can access your cloud regardless of where you are, only if you are with your PC or mobile device.
  • Perfect Security

  • No need to worry about any information leakage! Your PC itself will serve as your cloud server with the support of file protection system!
  • Cooperation as a Team

  • You can also create your secondary account for additional activities; enjoy your own account for a personal and social purpose, or even for a team space!

CEO Message

Compared to the traditional ways of storage such as local PCs, USBs or external HDDs, it is more convenient and secure today to access a cloud environment anytime, anywhere.

Cyebiz Co.,Ltd. CEO Ki-bong Kwon

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